I’m a passionate Web Developer with about 10 years of commercial experience, I work either on front-end or back-end. I also like to work in such different areas like SEO, Accessibility and Project Management. I’m looking at any time for new challenges and incentives to keep myself at the cutting edge. I like to share the knowledge to help everyone whenever possible. I like to spend my spare time to study new technologies and methodologies that might be applied the next day at work.

Since the early 2000s I’ve been focused to the web development, and nowadays I’m almost totally involved in PHP and JS applications. I’ve obtained certification as PHP 5 Engineer and IWA Application Developer.

In the last years I was committed on two big project, a web portal for a healthcare company and a real-time statistic system, by these projects I’ve got direct experience about agile development, project management and about mentoring developers. I do like refactoring (sometimes just to improve either performance or scalability), documentation (not only about code), and testing that are anything but boring.

I like spending my “spare” time doing some coding stuff, and so far no-one managed to let me give up on that, sorry not possible.

I currently live in Rome, where I work as Senior Developer for Immobiliare.it, Italy’s N.1 real estate website. I’m enjoying every single challenge I face, no matter how stressful is I put all the effort to give the best solution I can possible make.

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