• Being really agile, Being really smart

    The Agile Manifesto has the following 4 core values:

  • Branching Model: clean-up those repos

    Usually most rookie developers don’t use a VCS (Versioning Control System), like SVN or GIT, in this post I won’t talk about the benefits of using one. This post is dedicated to who’s already using a VCS without using a branching model.

  • Versioning Numbers, make them meaningful

    The version number itself, and more generally the way you manage it, is most of the time underestimated, because it’s considered something trivial.
    It is used to give a chronological order to the software releases and it conveys the useful information about the state and the impact of the release.

  • Retrieve JS Events: how to get all of them

    I was trying face an apparently huge problem, collect all the events bound to the DOM elements. Then I realised that the main obstacle was the browser, yes the browser.
    Because of the way the browser manage the events.

  • Browser Fingerprinting: There's no place where you can hide

    The EFF, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, did a research about the users’ privacy and how it is possible to identify the user in a quite unique way.
    The concept is based on gathering as much information as possible, like user agent (browser and version), resolution, plugins installed, timezone, language, and so on to create a message digest to identify the user / user’s device in an accurate way.